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This ten-day course covers the basics of dog grooming, which include the processes of bathing, drying, preparation and styling. The course will be of interest not only to pet owners who would like to learn how to groom their own pets at home, but also to individuals who are seeking to build a career in the dog grooming industry.

For starters, the right washing and drying techniques will be tackled at the beginning of the course. Since not all dogs share the same type of skin and coat, learning a variety of bathing and drying techniques is necessary to ensure that the hair and skin of the dog being handled is properly degreased and all the other areas of its body are cleaned using the right products.

A lesson on proper brushing and fluff drying a variety of coat types is also included in the course. Within this unit, the student will learn how to carefully untangle knotted and matted fur, especially on dogs with longer hair, while keeping the pet comfortable and under control. The student will also learn techniques on how to keep a dog’s hair straight and free of knots.

As there is much to being a groomer than just washing, drying and brushing dogs, other important skills will be taught on this course. These include proper clipping techniques, ear plucking, teeth cleaning and paw pad trimming. All these skills are necessary to ensure that the dogs you will handle later will receive the type of grooming they require.

A Grooming Starter Kit can be added on top of this course for a nominal fee.  Simply send a request for more details regarding the said add-on.

The place where you will carry out the grooming process could have a direct impact on the health of the dog you will handle. As such, it is imperative to carefully assess the safety of the area you will be working in prior to providing grooming service to any type of dog. Equally important is to recognize the condition of the dogs that are coming into the salon before they receive any type of grooming service. Fortunately, we have an adjoining vet clinic where you can receive special training on how to ensure the salon’s overall hygiene and also properly detect potential health problems on pets.


Price: £ 2,000

Duration: 10 Days
Monday - Friday 10:30am-4:30pm