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This 15-day course is designed for students who are just getting started with dog grooming. Everything in this course is created to help the students get the foundation as well as training necessary to carve a successful career as a professional dog groomer.

Meant to develop your dog grooming skills, this course tackles an extensive list of topics, which include dealing with dogs and their owners from the moment they walk into the salon; style assessment; proper choice of shampoo; drying and preparation; and styling and finishing using various clipping, scissoring and hand stripping techniques. Everything you'll learn from this course will help you in delivering a positive grooming experience to pets and their owners.

DaisyFlo Training Academy takes pride in the quality of its courses.  Thus, as a student of the academy, you will be receiving dog grooming lessons through a series of practical sessions in a salon at the heart of Chelsea, London. Learning on site will give you the experience you need to properly immerse yourself in the environment as well as the actual processes and type of work that occur inside a dog salon. On top of that, you will also be trained to carry out health checks on dogs, detect potential health problems on the pets you will be dealing with, and implement health and safety procedures to keep the salon environment safe for everyone.

Since it is DaisyFlo’s goal to make every course meaningful and ensure that the lessons will contribute to the success of each student, the academy only accepts two students at a time. This arrangement guarantees that full attention will be given to you by your tutor, and that you will receive all the necessary guidance throughout the course. Once you have completed the training, no longer are you just a student of dog grooming. Instead, you can consider yourself a professional dog groomer who can readily accept clients and provide the pleasure of making a dog well kept.





Price: £ 2,700 without Starter Kit
£3,050 include Starter Kit

Duration: 15 days
Monday -Friday 10:30am-4.30pm