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There is no denying that pets make for wonderful additions to our homes. They are always their to accompany us and make our days brighter. For all the love and joy our pets bring, wouldn't it be fair if we provide them something in return? Things like food, shelter, exercise and proper treatment are just some necessities our pets require from us so they can live long, healthy and happy lives. And as owners, it is our responsibility to deliver all these.

Through this course, you will be introduced to the general characteristics of different animals that serve as companions, including dogs, cats, horses and birds. Understanding their qualities and temperament better will allow you to properly attend to their needs and ensure your own safety while working and playing with them.

Take our animal care course today and become the best pet owner tomorrow!


Learning plan and content: Following are some of the topics that will be explored in the course:

  1. Introduction to animal care
  2. Introduction to animal qualities and temperament
  3. Feeding, bathing and handling animals
  4. Dealing with animal accommodation
  5. Common animal diseases and ways to prevent them
  6. Handling medical situations

Duration: The course has been designed with flexibility in mind, so as to meet the varied learning pace of students. Hence, there is no time limit in completing this course, letting you proceed with each lesson based on your desired time and pace.


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