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Perfume, soaps, and candles are among those products that provide some sort of healing. The lingering scents produced by perfumes and candles, for instance, are capable of boosting moods and enhancing the feel of any environment. Soaps, on the other hand, serve as the main means for maintaining personal hygiene and also aid in improving skin conditions, especially when they are formulated with ingredients that have medicinal and cosmetic properties.


Due to the many benefits that can be derived from using perfumes, soaps, and candles, a lot of people are willing to spend more to use such gourmet products. But, why purchase when it is possible to create your own using the ingredients you prefer at the comfort of your own home? It is just a matter of learning a few simple recipes and techniques to produce endless varieties of these fragrant goods.


Delight in putting your creativity to work and discover a new hobby you can turn into a lucrative business by tapping into this Perfume, Soap and Candle Making – The Beginner’s Guide course. Teeming with practical information related to perfumes, soaps, and candles, the course gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make a wide selection of these scented products. From the tools and equipment of the trade down to ingredients, recipes, and procedures, you can find them all here. The course also presents information on how you can start a business selling artisanal perfumes, soaps, and candles.


Topics Covered


The Perfume, Soap and Candle Making – The Beginner’s Guide course takes the mystery out perfume, soap, and candle making. It gives you understanding of everything involved in such craft and offers you guidance on how you can grow this hobby into a lucrative business. Opting for this course will expose you to the following topics:


  • History of perfume
  • Supplies for making home-made perfumes
  • Initial steps to making perfume
  • Perfume materials and where to get them
  • Measuring and blending ingredients
  • Putting perfume into bottles and adding labels
  • Techniques for perfume formulation
  • Identifying different sources of aromas
  • Simple perfume recipes you can make at home
  • Overview on the craft of soap making
  • Soap making safety precautions
  • Understanding how soap is made
  • Various methods for making soap
  • Common soap ingredients and other requirements
  • Oils for soap making and their properties
  • Step-by-step guide to making soap using the cold process
  • How to make liquid soap
  • Creating your own soap moulds
  • Common soap making issues and how to address them
  • Essentials of candle making
  • Candle making tools and materials
  • Knowing how wax work
  • Instructions for melting wax
  • Techniques for making candle moulds
  • Instructions for creating different kinds of decorative candles
  • Candle making safety precautions

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