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Communication is an integral part of any person’s daily life. The same thing goes with animals. Although they do not necessarily speak like we do, they also communicate for many reasons that are similar to ours.

Like the rest of us, animals communicate to let other animals know who they are; seek mates; establish social order; mark territory boundaries; find food; and ensure their protection. In short, they use communication as a tool to survive.

By tapping into our animal communication course, you will be familiar with various forms of communication animals use to share information. You will also be introduced to imprinting, which is a critical process that allows animals to develop a lasting connection with their kin and companions.

At the end of the course and with the ability to better understand how communication works between animals, you will have more confidence in dealing with them, either in the wild or in a controlled environment. Consider taking this course today!

Learning plan and content: Below are some of the topics that will be covered in this course:

  1. Introduction to animal communication
  2. Purpose of animal communication
  3. Modes of animal communication (visual, auditory, olfactory, touch, etc.)
  4. Imprinting
  5. Human to animal communication

Duration: Since students have varied learning curves and study habits, this animal communication course has no time limit for completion to accommodate such varied needs. Therefore, you have total flexibility on when you will finish each lesson.


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