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One of the major responsibilities of being a pet owner is keeping the animal well groomed. Know that an unkempt dog has higher chances of acquiring a variety of diseases that could put its life at risk compared to a dog that receives the right type of grooming on a regular basis. Therefore, if you own a dog or any other animal, do them a favor by attending to their grooming needs at all times. 

Grooming is not just about keeping your pet clean. Both you and your pet can get a positive experience out of it, as the activity is proven to help in cementing the bond between the animals and their owners. Of course, grooming your furry friend at home or making a career out of such skill is no easy feat. It requires a lot of training and patience as well as the ability to properly wield the right tools. To give you the foundation to do this task with ease and confidence, DaisyFlo designed a pet grooming course that covers everything you need to know about the subject. 

Units of our pet grooming course range from keeping your pet’s skin and fur healthy to detecting changes on its body to protecting it against parasites. There are also materials within the course that will help you develop the confidence to properly handle different types of animals and grooming tools. All these should come in handy when you decide to become a professional pet groomer in the future. There is no pet grooming course like ours in the market. Get a rewarding experience while grooming your pet and make your pet happy and healthy by enrolling in this course. 

Learning plan and content: What follows below are some of the key topics that will be discussed within the course:

  1. Introduction to dog and cat breeds and their unique grooming requirements
  2. Different coat types
  3. pet hygiene
  4. Preparing pets for grooming (controlling and restraining dogs, health check, bathing, drying, etc.)
  5. Proper selection, use and maintenance of grooming equipment
  6. Basic trimming techniques
  7. Maintaining a safe and clean grooming environment

Duration: It is understandable that each student has different learning curves and study habits. To ensure these needs are met, this pet grooming course can be completed according to your own time and pace.


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