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Just as we humans occasionally tend to fall ill, there will also be times when our furry and feathery pets will not feel well. And it is around this time that they will need to be taken to a clinic, so they can be looked after by medical professionals, such as the Veterinary Nurse.


In the field of animal care, Veterinary Nurses do not just assist the veterinarians; they take on several important roles as well. They are the ones who soothe aggravated animal patients, and also perform laboratory tests and assist in surgical procedures when necessary.


If you are keen on taking care of animals in the medical field, our Animal Nursing Training course can help you become adept in your desired career. Aside from equipping you with medical basics like administering first aid and diagnostic procedures to animals, you will also be oriented on animal behavior and the different diseases that animals may suffer from.


By the time you finish this course, you will not only be knowledgeable on treating animal patients, you will also have the skill and compassion of an effective Animal Nurse. And with that, sign up for our course today!



Lesson Plan and Content: Here are some of the topics covered in this course:

  1. Veterinary Vocabulary
  2. Techniques on handling and controlling animal patients
  3. Animal nutrition and health conditions
  4. Medical procedures given to patients
  5. First Aid and Euthanasia
  6. Health and Safety practices in the veterinary clinic


Duration: We do not establish a definite schedule for the completion of this course, because what is important for us is your flexibility, encouraging you to learn the lessons at your own pace and preferred time.


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