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Dogs tend to demonstrate aggressive behaviour for reasons like territorial marking, self or offspring protection, show of dominance, and food guarding, among others. Such behaviour may be manifested in ways like whimpering, growling, showing teeth, guttural bark, and muzzle punch. Aggression in dogs can be especially problematic when they are manifested through biting and fighting. Not only can these issues hurt people and other dogs, they can also decrease both the pet and owner’s quality of life.


If you are a dog owner, it is your responsibility to know how to properly address your pet’s aggressive behaviour. You can start learning how to do so with the aid of this course.


The course explores the meaning of aggression in dogs, its types and the ways it is manifested, the factors that influence its development, and the early warning signs of this problem behaviour. The course also offers information on the approaches and treatments for dog aggression, and provides you guidelines on how to properly apply them to address dog biting and fighting problems.


Know that your pet dog depends on you. Aside from providing the food, shelter, medical attention and care your dog needs, early socialisation and behaviour training are also part of your responsibilities as a dog owner. Knowing how to do them the right way is the best thing you can do to prevent your pet from becoming aggressive.


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