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From the energising scent of lemon peels to the inspiring smell of roses growing in a neighbour’s garden natural aromas are everywhere. While a lot of people would stop to inhale and appreciate these scents, not many are fully aware of the healing power they possess. As far-fetched as it may seem, natural aromas have been found to affect our bodies and minds in a positive way—curing common ailments, influencing moods, and helping enhance perspectives toward life at home and work. This is the reason why aromatherapy is fast becoming one of the most popular complementary and alternative medicines of today.


Aromatherapy is an approach to treating physical and mental ailments using scents. The scents used in this type of treatment come from essential oils extracted from plants that are valued for their medicinal properties. Because scents have the ability to directly affect the body and brain, aromatherapy has long been used to mobilise the body’s self-healing capability or psychological well-being to restore and maintain balance.


Smell your way to good health and learn how aromatherapy can cure a variety of ailments through this Advanced Holistic Aromatherapy course. It explores the historical and philosophical roots of aromatherapy and outlines the numerous health benefits it provides. It also defines fundamental terms and concepts relevant to the practice. The course also shows you how essential oils are produced, the different routes through which they are absorbed by the body, and the ways they are applied for therapeutic use. Insights into ensuring treatment safety and proper administration of aromatherapy are also covered in the course.

Topics Covered

  • The history, principles and evolution of aromatherapy
  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Essential oils: definitions, uses, effects, and safety and contraindications
  • How essential oils are produced
  • Factors affecting the purity and quality of essential oils
  • Blending of essential oils
  • Proper handling and storage of essential oils
  • How essential oils are absorbed by the body
  • Different methods of essential oil application
  • Using aromatherapy for specific ailments
  • Aromatherapy and massage treatment
  • Aromatherapy for helping people with special needs
  • Aromatherapy practice development and management

Main Audience


This course will be a valuable resource for people interested in aromatherapy and would like to bring its healing capabilities into their life. Also, with aromatherapy gaining popularity among complementary and alternative medical modalities, this course is an authoritative source of information for those thinking of becoming aromatherapist, body work professional, health care worker, spa professional, and holistic therapist.



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