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Payroll is an integral organisational function. As a personnel-related service, it ensures employees receive their compensations on a timely basis. This helps boost their morale and make them feel valued, resulting to improved productivity and performance. Beyond that, payroll affects an organisation’s reputation. Because it involves compliance with tax legislations, proper processing and administration makes sure that an organisation is taking responsibility to uphold legislative laws. This helps establish the organisation as a responsible and dependable employer—a big draw for talented pool of candidates.


With all the rules, processes, calculations and paperwork involved, payroll is quite a time-consuming task. Its consistency and accuracy must also be frequently checked to avoid oversights. All these make it critical for those involved in payroll processing and administration to master the specifics of this function.


The Mastering Payroll Certification Course is designed to provide you foundation knowledge in payroll. It covers all the bases—from payroll basic principles, structure, tasks and calculations to defining and administering employee pay and fulfilling compliance obligations. With this resource, you will be confidently tackling payroll duties in no time.




The course explains concepts that are essential to effective payroll processing and administration. Trust that when you take the information shared in this course to mind, you will be able to take an active role in ensuring employees receive their salaries on time and the organisation’s compliance obligations are met. What follows below are some of the course’s highlights:


  • The payroll department and its structure
  • Basic payroll tasks and calculations
  • Common payroll system
  • Positive and negative sides of the payroll field
  • Employment status and pay identification
  • Payroll general procedures
  • Pay and benefits schemes
  • Understanding pensions and how they are paid
  • Minding tax obligations

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